Join The Lot: Ever Bound Book Club


Book Worms Unite!

Ok well maybe not exactly a movement that will spark the hearts of nations, but it’s a big deal to me! Haha! As some of you may know I am an avid reader and have a degree in Literature, so books are one of my “things.” They also happen to be one of my dear friend Heather’s “things” as well. Heather is the lovely woman behind Picking Wild Heather!

We figured, I love books- You Love books- We both love to talk about books, we really should be part of a book club!

Instead of going out finding a book club to join, we just decided to start our own and we would like to invite you to read along with us!

We are calling our little club Ever Bound Book Club . We will be picking a monthly book and reviewing the book in our Facebook group at the end of every month! Selections will be sent out the last week of every month with links on where you can buy the books etc. These books will rotate between fiction and non-fictions. Most if not all of the books will have an audiobook version for those of you who are more audibly inclined.

First book is being announced tomorrow!