MMH Product Review: Alabaster Co.

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Have you ever been blown away by the beauty and simplicity of a product? That is exactly how I felt when I received my copy of the Gospel of Mark from Alabaster Co.


As a photographer I am constantly looking for beautiful ways to portray a story. AlabasterCo. has found a way to show us the Bible in a completely new light. The words are the same...but the images that have been so carefully curated to follow them are astoundingly breathtaking. You can feel the emotions behind ever image as you flip through the pages. I always wanted a coffee table bible but always thought that they looked so imposing and not necessarily beautiful (the beauty was always what was inside of the book, not the exterior.

The Inside Cover and Alabaster Co. Logo: Simple and Beautiful!

Once you begin scrolling through the pages you are swept away on a visual journey through familiar stories and words. I really believe that the entire collection has been so expertly curated and in my opinion, that is truly the most beautiful aspect of this collection. 

I cannot wait until I can bring home their entire collection as they are constantly releasing now books from the Bible, each one more beautiful than the rest! Please enjoy a few more images from the Gospel of Mark.

Here is how you can get your hands on these beautiful works of art!

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Alabaster Co.

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