Hey There! I'm Mari: Intro to Mari's Many Hats

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Well it is safe to say that this will be where I look back and think- this is where it all began! Ok..or I could totally forget my first blog post for Mari's Many Hats and that is that.

First things first- Introductions!

Hi! I'm Mariana, my friends and family call me Mari.


Why you ask? Well because my name is Latin and people tend to mispronounce it and that honestly Mari is just easier.

I am what you call a Colorado native..ok Brazil Born and Colorado Raised! My family moved to the USA back in 1995 and have called Colorado home since then (other than the 2 years I spent in Alaska). My main gig right now is photography. I specialize in two thing: weddings, elopements and well...love? The other side is business- I work with businesses on branding and telling their brand story. Businesses can mean…Bloggers, Entrepreneurs the works!

I believe in living a full life with purpose and intention, so I figured I would start a sort-of- lifestyle meets business/branding education blog. This is where I can help as many people reach their goals while also telling stories about my everyday life!

Well there is another thing. I really love fashion, and specifically hats...I am usually wearing a hat or some form of hair piece. So when I was brainstorming names for the blog, my dear friend Brittney suggested "Mari's Many Hats." And that my friends is where the blog name came from.

I really cannot wait to get to know you all a better and you will all get to know a lot more about me and what I do. AND be warned I am a talker!


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

  • My family: They are my heart. I am married to the most wonderful man! I have the best mother a girl could ask for and amazing siblings. I also have two adorable pups, Alba and Belle!

  • Mountains: Very few things in this world compare to sitting atop of a mountain and looking down at how beautiful nature is. On that note, Hiking, Camping, Camp Fires, Skiing, Four-Wheeling and Fishing can all fall under this category!

  • Adventure: This one goes along with my last one! I love to adventure in the outdoors. When I am photographing (my other job!) I actually cater to the adventurous crown! Those who love hiking to epic views and having a good time while they are doing it!

  • Books, Books and even more Books! Once I start a new book it's hard for me to stop. I gladly get lost down the rabbit hole!

  • Coffee: This is a daily must...also the BEST way to have a conversation. As my client, you will notice my fondness for coffeeshops and coffee!

  • Learning and People: These two things drive me on a daily basis. I always want to learn and experience something new. I love meeting new people and getting to know them.