Finding Your "Calling" & Why It's So Hard

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I think most of us can recall a time when the biggest question we were asked was, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" Now how old were you when you were asked that question?!? A CHILD- right? and when you actually started seriously thinking about this answer you were in your teens. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that there are those rare kids who know what they are going to be and actually end up going into that profession! But for the rest of us it's not that easy.

As a child, I went through several possibilities:

  1. A Ballerina Princess (can't leave out the princess part)

  2. A Painter (honestly the closest one to what I am actually doing)

  3. An Astronomer (I'm still obsessed with the cosmos)

  4. A Doctor (I went into college as a Pre-med student)

So how did I end up being a photographer and blogger? What makes us find our calling? Is this something we should know at such a young age?

I wish there was a simple answer to these questions, but the truth is that there is no simple answer and some people go their entire lives never finding their calling. You know, there is nothing wrong with that! What matters is that you are living a full life with the people you love. If that looks like a 9-5 desk job in corporate America, then you do you!


I'm going to share a bit of my journey with you and hopefully this will resonate with a few of you.

I grew up as the eccentric, over friendly (and dramatic) middle child of an immigrant family in Colorado. I had this crazy vivid imagination! I may have seriously scarred my younger sister with all the random crap I would make her do. Painting, drawing, reading and making up the craziest stories I could think of! But I regress, this is all to say that being in the creative field was always something I was destined for, but I didn't realize this until my mid-twenties.

I had this preconceived notion that the only way to be successful is doing all the things we were told we HAD to do, so I did all the things I was told to do. I graduated high school, went into college as a pre-med student and had grandiose dreams of being a pediatrician. If you know me you also know how ridiculous the notion of me being a doctor is. Anyways, after a few changes in majors I settled on studying English Literature and Religious Studies - I was going to go to grad school and become a professor!!! Again - how is this related to photography? It isn't! But it showed me that being a story teller may be the way my life was going to go. After I graduated college I was a bit lost on the profession aspect and I moved to Alaska to be with my boyfriend (now husband). That is also when I picked up my first DSLR camera and began playing around with photography. I was working in banking at that time and was very comfortable doing that- I knew what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. Ask me today if I regret my time in banking- I don't! It gave me real business knowledge and most importantly it brought the best people into my life, my darling friends who have supported me. They were also my first photography clients (Looking at You Val and Patty!) After two years in Alaska, we moved back to Colorado.

Then came Real Estate- I was in this field for 4-5 years. I never became an agent because, well I knew it wasn't for me, but I was one heck of a support system for the agents I worked for. Through this entire time I was being pulled into this world of photography, of telling stories and connecting with others on a deep and real level.

September on 2017 was when it all shifted for me. I had become complacent in a comfortable job and I was gliding through life with no real sense of purpose. A light switch went off and then BAM- I knew I couldn't live like this any longer. I needed to have a full and real life. I say that the realization was there but it took me almost an entire year to really accept what was right in front of me. It took a force of nature to show me that I needed to make a change and focus on my business and my community (This is a story for another time).

So here I am, sitting at one of the cutest coffee shops (shout out to Switchback Roasters) in town typing this blog and admiring how I got to be here today. I am a small business owner, I am a photographer, a wife, a sister a daughter and a believer that God and the Universe will provide for you as long as you are willing to put in the work and LET GO! Sure I'm scared, sure I don't know everything but one thing I do know is that I am finally doing what I love and I have never felt so compete.


Now back to you:

So what does my journey say to you?

Well I hope that you can embrace all the experiences you have gone through and appreciate them for what they are. Soul searching for your calling may be one of the most difficult things you will ever do. It's not easy to let go, it's not easy to open yourself up to failure BUT without doing these things I wouldn't be here today.

I wish I had a step by step path for you to follow! But I know if you want to live your dream, it will hurt, you will fail, you will cry BUT you will also love, laugh and thrive.

So thrive on people and I hope this resonated with some of you!