Who Am I? What Makes Me Tick?

Ok so those are some hefty

I am an Immigrant: My family moved from Brazil to the United States (Colorado) when I was 8 years old.

I have lived in Colorado for most of my life since moving to the U.S.A. except those glorious two years spent in Fairbanks, AK after college. To answer some common questions- yes it’s both dark and cold in the winter, no the sun does not often set in the summer. Yes, I love it. No, I don’t want to move back! haha

I have a degree in English Literature and minor in Religious Studies (kind of utilizing both in a non-traditional way)! I started photographing as soon as I knew how to hold a camera and have been doing this professionally since 2013.

I have a love affair with mountain air, dirty boots and mother Nature. My husband and I love the outdoors and everything to do with being outside. We hike, we camp, we got 4-wheeling.

I have the best husband a girl could ask for. This year we will be together for 11 years and married 4 of those 11. He is my greatest blessing and the love of my life. We have 2 fur babies, Alba and Belle :) Our family means the world to us, from grandparents, parents, siblings and nieces/nephews. They are a huge part of out life. Our friends are also like family and we are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

I am the ultimate extrovert. I love people and thrive when I am surrounded by friends. I do like my quiet time tho! I need my space to just relax. Im a talker- like non-stop, could have a conversation with a wall if I had to. Gemini cusp baby, Enneagram type 2 Wing 3, and somewhere between and ENFP or ENFJ (depending on the day)!

I am a creative entrepreneur who loves adventure. I geek out hard on branding and business information. I love sharing and teaching anything I learn.

Mostly, I am humbled by this amazing life and could not be more grateful for it!

-Mariana (Mari)

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Mari’s Top Three



Family,Faith & Spirituality

This may be on the top three for most people out there. I love my family and will always put them first. My relationship with my husband and with God are my dearest treasure in life. I am Christian. I am spiritual person and I believe there is beauty and truth in all religions. I don’t believe in a world where love God means hating something else.



Community over competition

This one is easy for me! I believe with every once of my being that we are stronger as a community. When we are supporting one-another and celebrating each other’s wins, that is when magic happens. When we serve and learn how to give instead of take, beautiful things happen. As the ultimate extrovert- I thrive on being around people!



Adventure and Flow

You may be wondering what #adventureandflow is. To put it simply, I have decided that this is my mantra for 2019. I want to experience as much adventure as possible. Flow is a word that came to me after much prayer and meditation. It reminds me that I cannot control the outcome of things, but I can learn to live in harmony with them.


 Getting Started